upcycled paisley vintage dress

Handmade, one of a kind, bohemian designs made by me! Everything i do is designed and handmade from new and vintage materials. Each piece is special to me and I want them to have a new home!

Cute little nook

Cute little nook

Antique lingerie top-vintage silk print, lace, crochet trim, and bead detail

Sari T-shirt with lace back, crochet trim and beaded neckline!!

Another! Patchwork sleeveless shirt with lace trim.

Today’s creation!  A vintage textile tote with corseting side seams, ikat lining and a bunch of pockets.

I love scarves. After collecting copious amounts of them they just wind up sitting in a box begging to be wrapped around my head. I decided to put this one to use today and turn it into a little scarf top with some beads and a floral facing.

Here are some fabrics I’m playing with and a vintage top I found at a thrift store today. I cut the sleeves off and added some lace to the back. Voila!